A Walk in Time: an out of body experience

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In this short story (approximately 42 Kindle pages) I was feeling lonely and miserable on that damp foggy Christmas morning of 1993) I found myself walking through time into a sunny snow-clad Victorian landscape and into an adventure re-enacted from some past life. I wanted to be a Father to my four young sons on this particular Christmas Day, but no, it was not to be as my ex wife had changed her mind and they were not coming.
Starting with an eerie walk in the woods, a pause, a ghostly meeting and through an instant threshold of time I walked out of my body and into a past life…a life so real that at that time, it must have existed.
It seemed that I had been transported from the future to instigate and play a leading role in the traditional family Christmas festivities of the long deceased occupants and children of the now demolished Manor House.
It’s a story to enthrall the hearts and minds of all age groups.. as you join me as a ‘ Mr. Holdcroft’, with James, Amy and the orphan children in the manor House of Squire Cleese, (circa 1876). What a time we all had!
Could be a seasonal ghost story or an out of body experience. Walking into ‘a past life’ and seeing your own grave is quite a shock. And to think that as you look you might be a ghost…looking at your own grave, is quite mind boggling.
That is what appeared to be my experience, when disappointed I could not see my children on that cold, wet miserable Christmas day of 1993.
And what an experience, if it was true it was the best Christmas Day of my life, was it a dream, a figment of my imagination or an out of body experience in a real time ‘time warp’. It begs belief.
But the message definitely appeared on my computer monitor.

There I was writing a silly story about being lonely on Christmas Eve and up comes a mysterious message to meet someone at the lake. It wouldn’t go away and the same message was there on Christmas morning! compelling me to take that walk, a walk into the world of the past landed Gentry and a bunch of young orphans…an experience I can never forget.
I don’t know how it happened, or why it happened, but it did, and what was an active and long days experience was somehow condensed into less than two hours in real time…Wow!.
The first part of this story is how I felt at that time, disappointed and lonely, not to see my four boys or able to visit any of my immediate family, and I felt I needed to write about it. The insistent message on my computer prompting me to go to the lake and what happened on that walk through time… and through the woods maybe just fantasy. I leave it to the reader to conclude what they think happened.

Originally written in 1993. Over the Christmas Holiday, approximately 12000 words.

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